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Our Workshop classes are design for anyone wanting to work with their hands. They are for anyone interested in basic construction. Our workshops are designed for the beginner. A great place for those looking for a comfortable environment to learn a few tricks of the trade…..

All of our workshops include

-Lunch from Comfort Kitchen to go….. little mom and pop shop we like to support. Check them out on FB

– snacks and drinks……junk and healthy snacks! We keep the shop fridge stocked!!

– Tape Measure….. After years of searching Lynsi and I found our perfect tape measure, and you get one to take home with you to remember us forever!!!


Small Dwelling Shell build basics…….

This workshop is a great place to start for those wanting to feel the independence of building their own home. We go over the basics of building a small dwelling “shell”. This workshop cover the basic construction from the foundation to the framing to the exterior finish. It would be impossible to teach you everything you need to know to build your home in a one day class. But you will leave with a higher level of confidence and the understanding of basic construction. This is a great workshop to connect with others following their dreams of a life of simpler smaller living. This class is a great visual-aid  workshop. We believe that demonstrating the build is the best way to learn. We use our Demo Tiny House to show you framing and flashing details and a few other helpful things like installing a window correctly.

Includes our workbook that will be a tremendous help during your build. Everything we go over in the class will be in it!

What we cover:

 -Wood framing basics

We will go over things like header sizes and placement , framing corners and T’s, blocking and a few other details

-Attaching to Volstruckt metal framing

Our demo house is half metal framing to show you how to work with Volstrukt framing. Great chance to actually see what it’s like working with metal framing. It’s easier than you think.

-Framing to trailer connection overview. We will show you how to attach your framing to your trailer using HTT5 hold downs and show you tips and tricks to drilling 5/8 diameter hole in angle iron just as you would have to do on your own tiny.

-Sheathing and strapping

We will go over the difference between OSB and plywood sheathing and why we use what we use. We will also go over structural metal straping for your home.

-Installing housewrap and important flashing details

We will go over weatherproofing your home and the importance in flashing correctly

-Installing and flashing a window

We are just gonna do it! install and window and flash it per the directions. Demonstrating it is the best way to learn 

-exterior siding

We will show you some different options for exterior sidings and correct installation.

-Using graph Paper to get started.

Over a lunch break Sam will show you how he comes up with plans to scale, and ideas with the use of graph paper and a pencil. Sam’s belief of “keep it simple” starts with his pencil drawings. He will show some of his tips and tricks to coming up with correct dimensions to get you started on the right path.